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Since there are many kinds of golfers, engineers have devised many kinds of golf balls. Today’s golf balls are the culmination of a variety of disciplines and talents, from material science to physics.. The technology of golf balls has reached an unprecedented level, offering different covers, cores, dimple patterns and compression to best suit golfers’ varying needs. When matched correctly to a golfer’s game, specific golf balls can increase enjoyment as well as chances for par.

Three things are taken into consideratiion when choosing a golf ball; golf ball type, golf ball construction, and playing level of the golfer.

Golf Ball Types:


  • A ball designed to react quickly off the clubface for maximum speed, which results in overall distance.
  • Distance balls appeal to people who find every yard counts, but where it may bring 15 more yards off the tee, it might also skip off the putting surface like a flat rock on water.
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